Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

Bring it on, 2011!

Happy new year to everyone!

Let us outshine our 2010 selfs.

Let us make rapid strides towards our goals.

Let us correct our mistakes and strike with redoubled force.

On to an awesome and glorious 2011 :)

My priorities for 2011:

1. Health - Control your diet. Be regular with mild exercises. Learn Yoga and Pranayam. 2. Knowledge - Invest extensively on Psychology, Philosophy and Computer Science. Read at least 1 book every month. 3. Write - Be regular on personal journal, wiki and the blog. Join the \#PostAWeek2011 community. 4. Code - Work on the ideas lying around for years :) Contribute more to other people's code. More participation in the developer community. 5. Living - Be moderate. Be aware of tricks of mind. Introspect daily, Detect diligently, Negate ruthlessly, Substitute wisely, Grow steadily and be free.

What are yours?