Weekly update: 1-2011

Posted on Mon 10 January 2011 in Life • 1 min read

Here’s the weekly round up on my Priorities for 2011:

1. Health

-   Diet regulation has started. Good progress so far

  1. Knowledge

    - Studying 3 books parallely (more on the schedule later) - Psychology book for this month: A Mind of Its Own

    3. Writing

    - Regular posts are going good - Personal journal needs work

    4. Code

    - Started on a new idea with a friend - User stories ready. Design specification in progress :)

    5. Living

    - Not much progress here. Mind still rules my activities


This week I strictly separated my work and life hours. Atwork, no thoughts regarding any personal projects or anythingnon-work. And during life hours (evenings and weekends), nowork emails, no thoughts regarding work.Don’t waste time in mending stuff anticipating you willrequire it someday. It is a waste of time. And since your ideais an anticipation, likely it will be different from realityso the time spent in “mending” is basically thrown away. Forexample, don’t look for a webhost until you have an app ready:)

So far so good. Wish you a fulfilling week ahead.