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Vim patched builds for Win32

For Win32, you can get the latest vim bits (built from latest mercurial repo) at following places:

  • TuxMan’s builds

    • Full package available as .7z (here)
    • Languages: Perl 5.12.2, Python 2.6, Python 3.1.2, Tcl 8.5, Ruby 1.9.2, Lua 5.1.4, libXpm 4.11

      • Installation: Extract the .7z archive or replace *vim.exe binaries
      • Additional Patches: Herbert Sitz’s patch for fold highlight levels.
  • Wu Yongwei’s builds

    • Only gvim.exe and vim.exe in the zipped package
    • Languages: Perl, Python2, Python3, Ruby 1.9.1, Tcl 8.4, and Lua
    • Installation: Replace existing *vim.exe in your vim install folder with these files
    • Additional Patches: Private patch to enable some plugins (e.g. Fencview.vim)

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