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Nice to meet you :)

Hello! I am Arun. This is Inside Out. It lives to express thoughts, share creations and stories about the triumphs and tribulations of yet another journey. For the curious, the first post was on 9th October 2005.

I’ve been a software engineer/architect for more than a decade now. Spent the first half of my career on .NET and related developer ecosystem (Runtime, Framework Libraries, Visual Studio and Azure Devops). Spent the next half on Enterprise Content Management (SharePoint, Taxonomies, Ontologies) developing intelligent ways to organize and share content. I had a brief stint in the Consumer/E-Commerce world of things, and realized it’s not my cup of tea ;)

Outside work, I love visiting new places and mountains :). I try to contribute to open source, read on a variety of topics and play chess from time to time.

I keep a now page with details on what I am working on currently.

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Usual legalese, all opinions expressed in this website are mine (and do not represent the opinion of any institutions I am affiliated to, including my employer).

You're in a happy corner of the interwebs. Take a pause, reflect some more. Isn't it awesome to be alive?

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