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Hi there! Welcome to Inside Out, a collection of essays on software engineering, craftsmanship, philosophy and life in general. We also cover notes from interesting papers, talks or books. You’re most welcome to explore!

These essays reflect the journey of an ordinary layman. We hope our attempt at creating clarity for a future self is useful.

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I’ve been a software engineer/architect for more than a decade now. Spent the first half of my career on .NET and related developer ecosystem (Runtime, Framework Libraries, Visual Studio and Azure Devops). Spent the next several years on Enterprise Content Management (SharePoint, Taxonomies, Ontologies) developing intelligent ways to organize and share content. I had a stint in the retail/e-commerce world, and some corners of distributed platforms.

Now has the latest on my current adventures.

Outside work, I love visiting new places and mountains :) Most of my projects are open source. I used to be a professional chess player in a past life, hit me up for a game of lightning any time.

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