Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

Will you be

Almost thirty eight hours since I have been looking for that. It’s not there. I dismissed it yesterday, calling it a glitch. I had so much trust on my rationality, on my thinking, on my understanding… I had taken it for granted. I still can’t believe. And this time I can’t say “it doesn’t matter”. I can’t talk about the silly theories today, nor will mere words add value.

I will ask you instead.

You remember that kid; wild, madly possessive, absolutely stubborn to every bit.. who would fight for everything that she thinks is right.. who would not let go of anything she's passionate about.. who would break things often.. and then innocently say you sorry.. who would run on the open field without any reason.. just because she wanted to feel the morning dew on the grass.. who knows she can't fight the wall she stumbled against and fell.. still she would stand up.. murmur something as if trying to invoke some heavenly power and try to hit that mighty wall with her little fist!

Will you be that awesome kid for a moment?

I want to be with her.