Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

Will you accept

Stuck at a moment without a choice,

like an old unwound wall clock..

Tell me, what should I treasure,

the words, the imagery or the shock?

Where forth do these layers appear,

what wrong could I have ever done..

Every bridge I bind across the ocean,

falls apart in the unexpected storm.

I have never done anything good,

may be I don’t have that fortune..

I have just one simple ask, my dear,

please don’t let me do bad either.

May be I'm covered with all that is bad,

cursed to be a cactus with thorns..

Yes, I can’t please people who come near,

Today, I do refuse to displease them either.

I can't tolerate this pain, the drops of red,

caused by the pricks of these thorns..

But I am helpless, how can I explain,

don’t they know, it’s the nature of fire to burn.

Who can I blame for my behaviour,

the ingenious creator or my ignorance..

I don’t even have the ability to think,

what could remove this painful sheath.

I will not go anywhere, oh Ganges;

I will hide behind these stones..

Cover myself with sand and shells,

hoping to escape every urge to act.

And if it is my nature to hurt people,

offend anything that comes close..

Instead of goading the mortals,

let me take a stab at you, the eternal.

Every bird that has tried to reach the Sun,

sores high only to get burnt in the brilliance..

Even if I turn to ashes in this insane trial,

there is no fail; for I’ll flow with you if I fall.

Anytime I feel the instinct to harm,

I will come running to you, oh mother..

Roll on your shore with all my might,

until my deadly thorns become blunt.

I know my thorns can't cause you pain,

You’ve been here for ages, seen it all..

Witnessed the rise of civilizations,

and the grandeur of their unforeseen fall.

The noblest of them offer you flowers,

delicately decorated in pots of leaves..

I too have the dearest thing I can offer,

But will you accept these thorns, my dear?