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Setup moinmoin as a personal wiki

Moinmoin is a wiki engine implemented in Python language.

**Use scenarios**

My purpose for this wiki is a personal [knowledge base]( "Knowledge base"). Mostly scattered with drafts, stuff that don't belong to my blogs. It will be a single user wiki. My focus is purely on adding content quickly, so I will prefer as less time on administration as possible.

I would love it to work across all my machines with minimal setup. May be I will put the wiki directory into dropbox or a private bitbucket repo and clone it on all machines.

I will be maintaining just the wiki data, updating moinmoin install will be managed by the most efficient `pacman` :)


sudo pacman -S moinmoincd ~/docs/noteswget

Copy data/ and underlay/ files into your wiki instance.

cd ~/docs/notescp -rv /usr/share/moin/data/* datacp -rv /usr/share/moin/underlay/* underlay

I will be running moinmoin server with my user. So let's change the ownership of these directories to let server access them:

sudo chown -R arun:wheel datasudo chown -R arun:wheel underlaychmod -R 755 datachmod -R 755 underlay

Run the standalone server.


That's it. You will be running a moinmoin instance at .


- John Goerzen has a [post]( on moinmoin, ZTD - Dirk Adlers' [page]( at moinmoin wiki has templates for writing new Parser, Action or Macro to extend moinmoin

This post is for reference. Well after setting up, I didn't like the way moinmoin stores the wiki files (something like: *./data/PageName/revisions/*). So yet another didn't-work-for-me experiment, the story of personal wiki setup will continue in another post on [vimwiki]( :)