Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

On building a habit

The first ingredient is belief in magic. If you persist on the activity, or build a habit of that, good things will happen around you. Something positive to hold you on. Let’s call that Magica.

Now let’s pave the path to the wonderful world. Our second ingredient is us. It is the small part of our lives we give away every day for the sake of Magica. It is our daily commitment - what we can do each day that can take us to our dreams. Let’s call this one Diurnata. A day’s work.

Third ingredient is building up in a rhythm. Every week or so we randomly check-in and ask if it’s OK to raise the bar slightly high. That motivates us to dodge on. Let’s call that Epsilon.

Every miss in the Diurnata, we reflect, we retrospect and we improve. If we’re doing good for a certain amount of time, we raise our level by Epsilon and repeat. All for the sake of Magica, remember :)