Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

What are we doing next?

We take the current experience we provide for a solution to a problem. We then question it until we arrive at a set of principles for the problem. Now, we take those principles and rethink the solution. The simplest solution is the bare minimum we need to fulfil the principles.

The ideal solution just flows through. Stage by stage. Each stage takes the user to a slightly higher level of expertise. At this point, everything seems extremely clear. Now lets take the assets that comprise the current solution one more time, tear them apart to fit in the stages for the ideal solution we have arrived it.

We have already closed on the definition of a stage. So when we fit in the current assets, we know the gaps. We’re almost done…

Our task is simple: bridge the gaps for next product iteration.

Is this good enough? Let’s discuss that in tomorrow’s essay.