Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

Near and far

Nothing is lost, oh dear

Timeless is that creation..

So delicately nourished,

Without any expectation.

Expectations have an end,

Like an act that needs reason..

This was a tree of spontaneity,

Who can dare let it wither?

The things we gave up,

Were just the dry old leaves..

All part of the cycle of seasons,

Conspired to let us both free.

Twisted were the aerial roots,

Shackled the tree upside down.

And those last remaining traces..

Disappeared with that last message.

Now that we are seemingly far,

None of us can bind the other..

So be a bird my friend, and fly away,

You’ve always belonged to the sky.

I don't mind the miles,

They’re a ritual of the hour..

My heart says, if need be,

In a snap, they will come back.

Far is just a metaphor,

We know where to find the other..

In those bits and pieces we treasure,

Oh, each bit indeed reflects the whole.

I see you smile as you read,

Go on, take the ride of joy..

And let me scream aloud,

I am soooo proud of you.

May be all of this is an illusion,

An attempt to bring far so near..

A dream to cherish the moments,

And remain blissfully free ever.