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C Programming : Where to go for help ??

Listed below are some of the resources which i frequently visit to get help with programming in C :

**[](** is a nice website for c/c++ will find enough [resources](, [faqs]( and [tips]( its [forums]( is one of the best out there..if you're a pro then i hope you won't mind helping budding programmers in the forums ;)

If you're stuck with some program and don't remember the header file we've to include while using [**isalnum()**]( []( comes to your rescue. Its got a searchable database of ~~nearly~~ all standard header files and functions.

Well now lets come to [Java]( if you're new into java then i would recommend [Javaranch forums]( undoubtedly the best forum for java..and jump into solving the [Javaranch CattleDrive]( programming problems..they are cool !! You'll learn a lot from 'em.

This is supposed to be my first programming post :) Well i have added a few more categories to this small blog..You can find the new **Programming** category with **C** and **Java** under that..As i am into some programming stuff these days..i will surely try to post my experience.

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