AfterStep Terminal (aterm) in Suse 10

Posted on Thu 15 June 2006 in Life • 1 min read

Afterstep Terminal or aterm is a highly configurable Terminal Emulator for the X. The most exciting feature offered by aterm is Transparency of the terminal window.

You can get the source files for aterm from Sourceforge

and then Install the files by a simple

$ tar -xvzf aterm*.tar.gz

\$ cd \<path to aterm folder>

\$ ./configure; make

\$ sudo make install

After successful installation you can start the terminal using

$ aterm

If you want to change the configurations of aterm then just create a file \~/.Xdefaults (it may be already there in your system) and then put settings you wanna change in that file. You can get my .Xdefaults file here

I would end with some useful links to configuring Aterm :

Checkout this Fedora Forums page for an interesting discussion on the Best Terminal Emulator.

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