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AfterStep Terminal (aterm) in Suse 10

Afterstep Terminal or aterm is a highly configurable Terminal Emulator for the X. The most exciting feature offered by aterm is Transparency of the terminal window.

You can get the source files for aterm from [Sourceforge](

and then Install the files by a simple

$ tar -xvzf aterm*.tar.gz

$ cd <path to aterm folder>

$ ./configure; make

$ sudo make install

After successful installation you can start the terminal using

$ aterm

If you want to change the configurations of aterm then just create a file ~/.Xdefaults (it may be already there in your system) and then put settings you wanna change in that file. You can get my .Xdefaults file here

I would end with some useful links to configuring Aterm :

> > > >

> > > >

Checkout this Fedora Forums page for an interesting discussion on the Best Terminal Emulator.

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