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Whats up with me ??

For last 3 to 4 days i am pretty busy with my Computer Graphics project..I will be posting the screenshots quite soon..

Well the language i am using is the old faithful and efficient C++ Win32 API. And learning VC++ from scratch (with some knowledge of C++ and C though) is really interesting..but it needs  lots of patience..

Till now i have written some 1043 lines of code in my main.cpp and i am yet to implement the menu functions like choosing palletes etc. I guess it would take another 1000 lines :P

Lemme wind up with some nice VC++ links (ofcourse its Win32 API, no MFC)  for beginners ;)

- [The Forger's Win32 api tutorial]( - This tutorial simply rocks..the explanation is quite lucid and is the best.

  • FunctionX Win32 tutorials - This tutorial needs some OOP Concepts…its quite well organised also.

  • Finally get yourself some ebook in Win32 API programming. I guess you can get ebooks easily if you know where to go for them..

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