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This sprint in vstest: Sprint 121

This post takes a snapshot of the updates in vstest repository for the period 27th June, 2017 to 27th July, 2017.


Pull Requests (37 total)


We saw two community contributions. One awesome feature was contributed by our intern.






We’ve been working on three areas of focus.

  • Stabilization: our focus for next few sprints in reliability, performance and key customer asks
  • Replace the legacy vstest with opensource version (in VS)
  • Devices support in vstest. Allow running tests with vstest.console and dotnet test on various devices

What’s new in Sprint 121?

  • Feature: Blame for vstest. Reports the test which crashes a run (#915)
  • Feature: Response file support for vstest (#867)
  • Feature: TestSessionTimeout cancels a test run if it exceeds a timeout (#949)
  • Feature: Mono support for vstest (#904)
  • Feature: VSTest now runs on .NET 4.5.1 runtime (#941)

Issues fixed

  • Fix: Support for devices: build up the TestHostRuntime APIs (#917 #913 #945)
  • Fix: Console test runs will not collect File/LineNumber information (#905)
  • Fix: Several performance improvements (#890 #922 #928 #955)
  • Fix: Reliability improvements to parallel runs (#869 #927 #941)
  • Fix: Localization of build task (#952)
  • Fix: Engineering fixes to build/test (#884 #923)