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This sprint in vstest: Sprint 121

This post takes a snapshot of the updates in vstest repository for the period 27th June, 2017 to 27th July, 2017.


Pull Requests (37 total)

Total Merged Open
37 32 5

We saw two community contributions. One awesome feature was contributed by our intern.


Total Closed Open
63 49 14




We’ve been working on three areas of focus.

  • Stabilization: our focus for next few sprints in reliability, performance and key customer asks
  • Replace the legacy vstest with opensource version (in VS)
  • Devices support in vstest. Allow running tests with vstest.console and dotnet test on various devices

What’s new in Sprint 121?

  • Feature: Blame for vstest. Reports the test which crashes a run (#915)
  • Feature: Response file support for vstest (#867)
  • Feature: TestSessionTimeout cancels a test run if it exceeds a timeout (#949)
  • Feature: Mono support for vstest (#904)
  • Feature: VSTest now runs on .NET 4.5.1 runtime (#941)

Issues fixed

  • Fix: Support for devices: build up the TestHostRuntime APIs (#917 #913 #945)
  • Fix: Console test runs will not collect File/LineNumber information (#905)
  • Fix: Several performance improvements (#890 #922 #928 #955)
  • Fix: Reliability improvements to parallel runs (#869 #927 #941)
  • Fix: Localization of build task (#952)
  • Fix: Engineering fixes to build/test (#884 #923)

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