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Sing with the song !!!

I came across a nice little plugin for windows media player (ofcourse it supports almost all of the top MP3 player softwares available !) - Minilyrics
Here are some of the features of this nice lyrics viewer :

Do check out the list of available WMP 10 plugins related to lyrics here (Unfortunately they dont list Minilyrics !!)

The LyricsAMP plugin for WMP and Winamp is also worth mentioning. It works great with WMP 10.The plugin gets fully integrated with WMP and shows the lyrics of the song being played inside the Media Player ! Even the results browser available in the plugin shows available lyrics for Hindi Songs also. Moreover you can add more search servers in the integrated LAMPScripts management tool. However you have to go inside the Media Player to view the lyrics and for most of the songs you have to manually choose the lyrics you want to be displayed.