Play chess with god

Posted on Tue 26 February 2008 in Life • 1 min read

That was the topic of my talk on “How computers play chess”. Here’s the link to the presentation at scribd.

Some of the useful links :

- Chess programming series at

- Chess programming tutorials by Bruce Moreland - Alpha-beta Algorithm by Yosen Lin - Introduction to Game Trees by Hamed Ahmadi Nejad - How your chess program defeats you by Kurt Godden : part1 | part2

BTW this is my first post this year! So a “Happy New Year” to all officially ;) I hope its not too late :P
Well during these 3 months, I coded two(three?) websites, modified an Online Judge server for our college’s online programming contest, brushed up gimp, played a lot with php and started using “Ratpoison and GNU screen” along with my e17 desktop environment.

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