Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software


Beautiful things are moulded when the right amounts of opposites get together. Similar principle applies to us, as individual and teams.

As with tons of other examples in nature, let me talk about a triplet here.

Our first set of heroes are visionaries, and are great starters. They love ambiguity, chaos and randomness in general. They will figure a path out. Second party comes here, they love complexity. Ignite an idea and hand it over to them, they will make sure the idea turns a reality. The last party is realistic, rational? people. They ask a lot of questions. They don't love assumptions. Any time first and second fly high, the last pinches them and brings them back to world :)

Step back. Think what you bring to the table. And what are the unique perspectives of others around the table.

Respect. Listen. Listen some more. Ask.

Everything you create will be beautiful.