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My Project : Paint ++

Its been quite a long time since i  last posted..

April being the last month of the current semester..we are fully loaded with assignments and lab exams stuff..

However finally i completed my project to some extent..

Grab the current build here (zipped exe, 27kb)

Some info on the project :

- Its coded in C++ - No MFC only pure Win32 - Compiled using Dev CPP. Get dev-cpp [here]( 

Its still incomplete, there are lots of features yet to be implemented. The program saves files in \*.bmp format only and it takes only 3MB per file :D I will be putting in the support for other file formats soon. Currently My "To Do" lists are full of pending assignments :(

Please give in your feedbacks or bugs or comments and any more features requests.

I will put the link to source code may be next week (it needs lot of clean up). 

Its a bit late..anyways i turned **19** on 8th of this month ;)

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