MPD status in Gaim

Posted on Wed 18 October 2006 in Life • 1 min read

I came across this nice plugin for Gaim called GaiMPD. This plugin will show the song you’re playing in MPD as a status message in GAIM.
To get it running in a linux box use :
svn checkout$ cd trunk$ ./configure && make# make install

Here is a list of commands you can use with this plugin :
Just type in the following in the text-box in a conversation /mpc \ substitute \<command> for the following

play Starts playbackpause
Pauses playback
stop Stops playback
next Goes to the next song in the playlist
prev Goes to the previous song in the playlist
repeat Toggles repeat
random Toggles random
song Sends currently playing song in current conversation
status Displays the server’s current status
help Shows help

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