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MPD : Command Line MP3 Player

Here comes the next article in Command Line series. In the last article i had talked about a CLI (Command Line Interface) based Instant Messaging client. So lets move on to mp3’s with Music Player Daemon…

Why Music Player Daemon ?

- Supports widely used audio file formats (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, MOD, Wav)


For SuSE the packages are available from the Packman repositories. Here are the direct links to the rpm’s :

Music Player Daemon

Music Player Client for CLI (MPC)

If you are a fan, there are several addons for mpd which will submit your songs to : [MPDScribble]( or [scmpc]( or [lastfmsubmitd](

After lots of struggle in compiling the above mentioned related addons i decided to stay with MPDScribble (When i tried to build each of them from source i got some really cool errors like : libsoup2.2 existing in my system and still ./configure reports i don’t have the library !!@#) Well to end my misery i got a nice MPDScrobble rpm :D Get the rpm here (its a bit old though version 0.2.7 ; latest is 0.2.10)

To setup MPDScribble first create a directory

mkdir ~/.mpdscribble

Now create the configuration file : *\~/.mpdscribble/mpdscribble.conf* with the following parameters

username = "lastfm_username"

password = “md5sum of lastfm password”

To get the md5sum of your password :

echo -n "your_lastfm_password" | md5sum > some_file

Now copy the contents of *some\_file* to the password field in *\~/.mpdscrobble/mpdscrobble.conf*. That should set you with a nice commandline based mp3 player with audioscrobbler support :)

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