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Gnome3: Changing the icon theme

Gnome-shell is the thing; /me is back to gnome again. Almost 4 days without ratpoison, that’s the longest since 2007 :) I had small stints with XFCE and musca in the middle.

Folks on Arch, get it from [gnome-unstable]. Here's a [post]( describing the process. Just note that, you must add the entry at before [extra], [community] in pacman.conf.

[gnome-unstable] is cutting edge stuff, some of the things break, including segfaults. If you have strong dependency like gnome-must-work-with-my-customizations, please wait until April.

I'm loving the life of a gnome-newbie so far. If you're stuck with some settings, [gnome developer documentation]( can help you with a hint.

Some tips learned (please correct me if I am wrong) so far -

1. Gnome-shell seems to have a dependency on gdm. The "User Account" system doesn't work in the expected way. So for folks moving from boot-to-console "init 3" to boot-into-X "init 5", refer [archwiki]( This will help you setup "gdm". 2. You'd need Pulseaudio for the default audio keys and gnome-sound-applet to work. Else your sound settings in gnome-control-settings will be greyed out. Thanks to folks at \#archlinux. 3. Changing themes and icons was a tough one. Here's how the thing works currently:
-   Most of the gnome3.0 settings seem to be managed by
-   The available settings are XML files, stored at
    /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas. For example,
    org.gnome.desktop.interface seems to store the settings for
    gtk-theme and icon-theme
-   So how would you change the default icon-theme for system?

         gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme Faenza 

    is my icon theme.


But I still don't know where the settings are saved. Need to poke around more :)