Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

Facts tell, Emotions sell

Recently read this concept in a book by Philip Khan-Panni. Here’s my interpretation for a scenario where sales guy is selling a phone to an information worker.

**Conversation one**

> sales guy: ..this phone supports wifi, 3G, GPS. It provides a software > development kit for developing useful mobile applications..

Facts are neutral until they are interpreted. Here you are just making the subject *wonder* how these 3G/GPS/Application SDK etc. can add value to his life.

**Conversation two**

> sales guy: you remain connected, be it office wifi or carrier's > 3G network. With the megabit internet speed, you'd never miss your fav > series/podcasts when on the go. And with social networking > applications.. blah blah.. we integrate all these experiences into > your regular workflow, so you can keep on top of the information > overload.

Here you present the facts and *translate* it for him/her. You throw in your data into a domain which he/she experiences daily and can relate to immediately. The idea is to make your subject feel/visualize your proposal, realize the benefits of it quickly, and for that you have to tap into his experiences.

Which conversation do you think scores most? For an information worker, productivity/efficient workflow matter a lot. And remember usually *sales guy* would have less than a minute to create an impact.

However for *Conversation two* you must know your subject's background.