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Exam Time - Some cool tips !!

Its Exam time again…:-(

And asusual the Nerds gonna makee it to the tOp…however as someone said

> If you don't reach to the tOp yourself, you always have the liberty to > stand someone's shoulders and reach the tOp !! :-D

Be it the ***Lecture Notes*** or the so called ***Doubt Clearing Sessions*** (for the subjects where everything is *OHP* in classroom, an hour worth of boring company with nerds really helps !!)....Nerds come into flashlight (may be twice or thrice per semester though)...No offence to nerds !! Who knows ***the guy you call nerd today might be your Boss tomorrow*** :-P

Mind it ! its our sheer good luck that the **Society for Nerds** doesnt sell out their notes as ebooks or as their own publications. The day they do that...may be some of us will ditch two or three days of *Night Canteen* tours to get the notes xeroxed (dont worry if are serious with your **extracurricular activities** then your Notes xerox might cost as low as a few hundred bucks..:-D)

Time ~~*TASTED*~~ TiPS *(Try them @ your own risk !!)* :

- Don't be **over dependant** on the nerds..You may ruin your complete exam if you make the mistake of sitting by the side of a nerd during the exam(plenty of exceptions do exist though !!) - The night before the exam god !! Tension building up...Its 3AM and still 5 chapters remaining..thats a common thing in most premier institutes..that just proves that you have been quite regular with **extracurricular activities** during the semester..dont panic go to sleep..and dream in bits and bytes !! - For the most ~~*interesting*~~ subjects like Information Systems (all related to an autobiography of a systems analyst !!) :-S..scan through the subheadings and make up the autobiography in the exam hall...depends on who teaches the subject (Be happy if the lecturer is an postgraduate student !! *students understand other students*) - If you are confused at any point then don't forget to confuse the teacher with as much confidence as possible... ;-) Remember **confidence** is the keyword !! In this context don't forget to cite the names of some foreign author's might help. This is a golden rule for the Practical Viva exams. However also remember that
*"A fool remains a fool until he opens his mouth"*

So don't do much *bak bak* you may get caught and you know the

However all these tips may help you with one exceptional condition :

> *If you have ever taken panga with your teacher and you are in a > deemed university then take it granted that you are screwed up !! If > you have the exams are a bit far then try to patch up the matter with > Prof. concerned else think of dropping the course.* >


> ***Grading scale** : if you are expecting some CD (rest assurred you > will get a DD or worse depending on the magintude of panga). If you > are a B.O.N.D (Brilliant Of Nth Degree) in that subject then you may > get BB or escape with a BC :-)*

Relative grading rocks... if you are screwed then don't worry much. Pray god that class average goes as low as possible !

Finally !! ALL THE BEST for the exams.. :-)technorati tags: exams, nerds, tricks and tips