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Enlightenment 17 in OpenSuSE 10.1

This article will list out the steps to get a e17 desktop(enlightenment 0.16.999.032) in OpenSuSE 10.1.

update : There is an official SuSE repository for e17 now. Check this post for details. To install e17 from RPM’s check out this earlier post and just replace step 1 according to the new Installation Source.

Here are the steps :

  1. I will assume we already have a functional desktop (can be FVWM or GNOME or KDE etc.) depending on the choice during installation (minimalistic gui, gnome or kde) respectively. I had a FVWM desktop :P

  2. Get the sources from Enlightenment Snapshot repository. Download the packages : eet, evas, ecore, embryo, edje, enlightenment

  3. Then just unarchive each of the tar.gz archives and then we start building each of the packages in the order : eet, evas, ecore, embryo, edje, enlightenment
    The build procedure should be :
    cd [package-directory]./configure --with-x --enable-render-xmakesu -make install
    The default location for the install is : **/usr/local/**However the default location can be changed with the —prefix=“new-location” option in the ./configure step.

Notes :

After enlightenment is successfully installed we need to set the current window manager to enlightenment. In the terminal type in :
su -yast2 sysconfig&
In the system config editor.. Navigate to : Desktop -> Window Manager -> DEFAULTWM change the value of that setting to enlightenment

Enjoy e17 ;)