Debugging Procmail Recipes

Posted on Wed 12 August 2009 in Technology • 1 min read

Three steps to nirvana:

- Modify mail fetch frequency in .fetchmailrc to a small value. E.g. In my .fetchmailrc, I forced fetchmail to query server every 30s:

set daemon 30 - Set the LOGFILE and LOGABSTRACT variables in .procmailrc. The one liner here is, LOGFILE specified where procmail would log the rules processed and LOGABSTRACT controls the verbosity of information logged. So we modify .procmailrc to:

`  `



  • Disable the catch-all recipe!
  • Still stuck, use printfs :-) In recipes, put in some echo "foo" >> ~/mydebug.log to check control flow.

BTW, I’m sure there are better ways to do this, /me had to send around 7-8 test mails to fix an issue! Feel free to share your recipe-debugging-tips.