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Built Evolution...

I got the evolution from CVS and after a day of experiments finally built it succesfully :)

[Here]( is the best tutorial for building evolution from source !! Just follow the steps and  in case of any errors, don't panic ! and cooly take  look at the Evolution FAQs [here](

Well i will just reiterate the steps ;)

1. Make sure you have the mozilla-nss-devel , mozilla-nspr-devel and openssl-devel packages. If you don't have them do a google search  and get them. Mozilla-nss Releases are [here]( . 2. I will assume you have got the sources from the CVS using the procedure described [here]( 3. After getting gtkhtml,evolution-data-server and evolution sources. First install GTKHTML.
> </p>
> PKG\\\_CONFIG\\\_PATH="/opt/evo/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/gnome/lib/pkgconfig"

./ —prefix=/opt/evo/


sudo make install

  1. Then cd into the evolution-data-server directory and here is what i did :

    > PKG\_CONFIG\_PATH="/opt/evo/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/gnome/lib/pkgconfig" > >

    > > > ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode --prefix=/opt/evo --enable-exchange=no --with-nss-includes=/usr/include/nss --with-nss-libs=/usr/lib/ --with-nspr-includes=/usr/include/nspr --with-nspr-libs=/usr/lib/ > > make > > > >

    > sudo make install

  2. Now comes the final stage :) CD into the evolution my case it was cd ~/cvs/gnome/evolution then :

    > PKG\_CONFIG\_PATH="/opt/evo/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/gnome/lib/pkgconfig" > >

    > > > ./ --prefix=/opt/evo/ --enable-nntp=yes --enable-ipv6=yes --enable-nss=yes --enable-smime=yes --enable-plugins=all --with-nspr-libs=/usr/include/nspr/ --with-nss-libs=/usr/include/nss/ > > make > > > >

    > sudo make install

  3. Now get the script from here and put it in /bin , then run it :) I hope you will see the latest evolution njoy !!

Well here are some errors i came across :

1.  something related to *test-component* . If this error comes just change the arguments in
> ./ [all other arguments] --enable-test-component=no
  1. If some error related to secasnl.h comes then

    > cd /usr/include/nss > >

    > ls > > and then see if *secasnl.h* exists :P if the /usr/include/nss or > secasnl.h doesnot exist please install mozilla-nss-devel and then > rebuild evolution :) > > If both of them exist do check if you have provided the correct > location of libraries in ./ configuration.. > >

Finally it needs lots of patience of go through this process ;) I think i built around 5 or 6 times. each time getting some different errors..hey do ask for help in the irc node :: \ in the \#nosip or the \#evolution channels.

Well i think this is the first step to hacking opensource software resources..looking forward to have some really nice hacking experience..

*I am just a novice..may be there is some mistake in this how please refer to the tutorial links i mentioned in the start..don't forget to correct me in case something is missing !! *

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