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An aha

So what’s an “aha” -

What.. the problem..? hmm.. ok.. aha! But..? hmm.. ok.. aha! Oh, true true.. How about…? hmm… ok.. aha! </end of conversation>

// Ok some context, imagine a conversation. And in that conversation, above is all the aha-infected person says; i've hidden the other end of conversation ;) It's the way we discover stuff, we understand more about life, world and everything else.

// It is absolutely possible that the other end is a paper, a program, a differential equation or sanskrit grammar :)

**W T F?**

Let me put it this way - an “aha” motivates you. An “aha” fulfils you. Better yet, sometimes an “aha” leads to a chain reaction of “aha”s. For that fraction of “aha” moment, you feel you understand the universe. You can join the dots.

So maximize on the "aha" moments, and here's to a "aha" filled life. Ahaaan, [F T W](!

EDIT: (For historical reasons) I had a great "aha" moment today. Was in Novotel for a team outing, and accidentally landed [here]( when I came out to get some air. I started with a "holy cow!" look. And a series of "aha"s ensued... believe me it's awesome to hear from folks about their brainchild and the problems they are solving. Yeah, they are shaping our future, changing the world. You can see the glow in their eyes, amazing passion to explain and the openness to discuss more ideas. *Lived* the day.

And India won the WC 2011 Semis. Sweet.