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A small experiment...

One more experiment ;)

I wanted to know more about the date and time problems showing up in wordpress posts..but i ended up in some more weird results there. Here is what i did :-

- First i created a new post with the **Time Stamp : 12th March, -0001**. I had aimed to have a post in the B.C. era :D - Then i searched for the post and it didn't appear in the homepage of the website...Hmm so i went on to **Manage -\> Posts.** Its date was automatically changed to 01-01-1970 !!![]( - Well now comes the most interesting part...The permalink to this post given in the **Manage** -\> **Posts** was

However this link gives a big **404** error !! And how does that
**1999-11-30**(30th November, 1999) comes ?? :O Was that because i
made the post Timestamp to the year **-0001** (may be 1999 comes as
2000-0001)...lots of confusions..but why does 30th November come..
  • Now how to get the link to this post ? the only way left is to search for the post :P and check out the result of search


*Any ideas why this happens ??*

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