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Suse 10 -- The adventure begins !!

Suse Linux I got a chance to have a taste of the Suse 10 OSS (or OpenSUSE as it is better known). The looks of this OS really impressed me (this was my third linux distro after Fedora Core 4 and Knoppix Live CD).

The installation was rather painless except for the patience needed to sit and watch while all the packages are installed :-P. I installed Suse 10 as a guest OS with VMware 5 and Win XP SP2 as the host OS. The best place to get all the 5 isos is :


Connecting to the local ftp servers and to internet was also successful (i chose the NAT option in VMware network options). Now came the hardest part..when i put an MP3 cd into my sony combo dr[]( "Suse Linux")ive and brought up the amaroK audio listen to some cool songs while continuing my configuration...the songs didnot play while the progress bar was moving and to my surprise amaroK even reported the songs as played to my user account.

On googling i came across this has nice step by step descriptions to install all the plugins. However i needed only the MP3 support (and leave the rest to my host OS). So skipping the Thunderbird, Java i came to the W32Codec-all. So eagerly i finished updating with Yast…oops !! again amaroK didn’t play the Mp3 files…the same problem.

After installing some more packages from packman (mad etc..) and digging more into the google search i finally came across

and here is the [libxine1-1.1.0cvs-051002.i686.rpm]( (4563.64 KB)

Just download the file and install using Yast !! and my amaroK starts playing Mp3 songs ;-)

I guess this version of xine might be a older one but the libxine1 that comes when searching for packages in Yast comes around to 25MB (thats quite a big size for a dial-up user).

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