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Streaming AIR

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I recently came across the All India Radio online streaming service available at This post will talk a bit about how to listen ;)

The direct stream links are below. FM Gold and Vividh Bharati are mostly music based (oldies). FM Gold broadcasts news throughout the day. FM Rainbow is a newer member, it broadcasts english and newer songs, more geared towards the younger generation. Others are language specific channels, they broadcast cultural programmes related to the specific region.

FM Gold
Vividh Bharati
FM Rainbow
AIR Urdu
AIR Gujarati
AIR Marathi
AIR Punjabi
AIR Malayalam
AIR Tamil
AIR Telugu
AIR Kannada
AIR Bangla
Radio Kashmir
AIR Odia
AIR Assamese
North Eastern Service


On a modern desktop browser, the website works beautifully. I’ve tried with both Chrome and Firefox with great results. Things become interesting once you want to get out of the browser.


AIR has an android app on the play store. The app goes to sleep once the phone sleeps. So the uninterrupted awesomeness goes for a toss. Enter the open source ServeStream app.

Setting up is quite easy. Press the + button and add the url for your favorite station. Enjoy the music!


On Linux, the streams work great with both smplayer (if you’re a UI guy), or the good ol’ mpd. Two commands for the win:

> mpc load ''
> mpc play

I feel quite nostalgic as I think about my relationship with AIR. I used to wake up with the legendary Ram Charit Manas programme in the mornings. On the days, we had an afternoon off, Vividh Bharati used to be the best friend around. AIR Odia used to be broadcasted on Medium Wave (MW) and Vividh Bharati on Short Wave (SW). Around ~2003ish, the FM Gold service started showing up on our tuner (FM Gold Mumbai used to be relayed through AIR Puri station). They were my companions for a good part of my childhood.

Now even after a decade and half, the beautiful voice of same radio hosts greets and leaves me enthralled. The favorite shows Chhaya Geet, Manchahe Geet, Pitara, Aap ki farmaish continue to delight. Wishing next few decades of companionship with Akashvani.