Introducing YART

Posted on Sat 07 April 2007 in Life • 1 min read

YART (Yet Another Research Tool) is a project aimed to help the research/scholarly people organise the content they collect from the www or other sources. With YART the user can create “projects” and each project will have these categories : Documents, Images, Feeds, Tasks. So just put in the related documents for a project in the Documents category and so on. Here are some of the features planned(a few are implemented) :

  • Support for various document types : pdf, doc, odt…you name it.
  • Support for various types of images : jpg,jpeg,gif etc..

  • RSS Feed support.
  • Support for Tags.
  • Support for Tasks and a small scheduler. project details :

To compile the project, you will need Eclipse (get it from . The yart svn (somewhat buggy code) is available at : And you can browse the code in svn here

The svn build supports : Text Files in Documents, JPEG files for Images, RSS Feeds and Tasks without a scheduler. Some screenshots of the current svn build :

YART Start Up

Main Window

View Project Information

Image Tab

Reading a Feed

Technical details about YART :

  • Uses swing for UI. (Using substance Look and Feel for the screenshots)
  • For parsing feeds, RSSLib4J is used.
  • XML is used to handle all the data files and config files.

This project(\< 20 days old) started as a “Software Engineering” lab project this semester. Feature requests, new code, bug reports, comments are welcome.

Tags: yart, research, organiser, java, rsslib4j, substance, swing, eclipse