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Flock : Little Hacks

Lemme start off with some small flock hacks. All the hacks below are related to search engines so to get the search options : Type in about:config in the location bar and then in the Filter bar type search . A list of options containing the term search appear. Now its the time to tweak..

1. Changing the default search engine to Google

I have already dealt with this topic in an earlier [post]( However i will mention the hack again just for the sake of completeness ;) So here is how to proceed. Double click the ** and set it to *Google*. Similarly set the ** to ** Thats it..too easy :) 2. Showing the Other search engine results

</b>This hack involves changing the **
parameter. The default values are of the form :
<i>NC:SearchCategory?engine=urn:search:engine:[engine name].src

</i>Engine name can be Yahoo! or technorati etc etc. So if you don't
want the Yahoo search just put in *yahoo* in place of *engine name.*
The \*.src files are in the "searchplugins" directory in the parent
flock directory. All these stuff can be changed from the Tools -\>
Personalize Flock -\> Searching tab.

3. You can also reorder the search engines appearance in the search menu by changing the specific parameters etc.

Any more hacks ?? Do let me know..

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