Posted on Fri 19 May 2006 in Life • 1 min read

As i had promised..i am back :)

Let me start off with some quick updates..

- I got the Tata Indicom Unlimited Plan for 3 months of holidays today..It costs 1500 bucks per month..and well might be considered as a costly and not worth replacement for BSNL Dataone broadband service. So if you are considering of broadband go DataOne unless you are a Non BSNL user (like me!) - The next immediate stuff was to set up Internet in Suse 10..A simple Googling got me the dialup scripts here. Thanks to Avinash for those nice handy scripts..You can play around with the Reliance RConnect scripts for Linux also..Get them here…If you are using Suse then first load the USB module using modprobe cdc-acm and then as su run the script to connect to net. - The best thing so far today is Flock 0.7.10..Get this build from the Continuous Testing Builds page here,i bet you will love it..

More updates will come as i gain a bit of Net Momentum ;)

Hope you can understand my condition after being out of Net World for about 15 days !!