Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software


As i had promised..i am back :)

Let me start off with some quick updates..

- I got the Tata Indicom Unlimited Plan for 3 months of holidays today..It costs 1500 bucks per month..and well might be considered as a costly and not worth replacement for BSNL Dataone broadband service. So if you are considering of broadband go DataOne unless you are a Non BSNL user (like me!) - The next immediate stuff was to set up Internet in Suse 10..A simple Googling got me the dialup scripts [here]( Thanks to Avinash for those nice handy scripts..You can play around with the Reliance RConnect scripts for Linux also..Get them [here]( you are using Suse then first load the USB module using ***modprobe cdc-acm*** and then as **su** run the script to connect to net. - The best thing so far today is [Flock]( 0.7.10..Get this build from the Continuous Testing Builds page [here](,i bet you will love it..

More updates will come as i gain a bit of Net Momentum ;)

*Hope you can understand my condition after being out of Net World for about 15 days !!*