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I am sure, from the title itself you would have recognised the famous face behind this quote..

> ...."stole the show" at the > [1893]( "1893") [World Parliament of > Religions]( "World Parliament of Religions") > in [Chicago, > Illinois]( "Chicago, Illinois"), > where he earned wild applause for beginning his address with the > famous words, *"Sisters and brothers of America."* Vivekananda's > arrival in the USA has been identified by many to mark the beginning > of western interest in > [Hinduism]( "Hinduism") not as > merely an exotic eastern oddity, but as a vital religious and > philosophical tradition that might actually have something important > to teach the West. >


So here are the inspiring speeches by swamiji which moved america...

- Vivekananda's Welcome Address @ World Parliament of Religions


  - [Paper on Hinduism]( -- The Masterpiece. Text of speech [here](

The third speech is so enchanting.

Its amazing yaar !! I dunno how to describe it in words.

Hope you will enjoy that…

*Well its still not known if the voice in the speech is that of swamiji or has been recreated..*

*Finally Thanks to [The Universal Wisdom]( for such an inspiring and rare speech. Keep up the nice work !!*

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