Inside Out

Notes on seeking wisdom and crafting software

An end

We learn from the world. We learn from the nature, its myriad creations, the things and the beings; depending on our ability to perceive. There are lessons which we can prove with certain amount of learning, and others we take by the word. Our unquenchable faith and respect on the source helps translate the later into principles. We live by them, or the impressions of so… or the grand delusions of knowledge!


Others learn by feeling.. they tear apart the layer of perception, that of logic and extrapolation. They dive into the fire like a moth. Their action runs them over. They are crushed. They die. They go dark. And they resurrect, like a phoenix, only with a few gray hairs and another scar on the face… insatiable is their curiosity.


Will they dive into the fire again? Yes, you bet! Why?  Just for the sake of it. For the pleasure. But they’ve died enough. Don’t they ever learn!?


Oh, where is the ignorance? They never aimed for the fire. Instead it was the light they dived into, that beautiful glow of blue which holds the flame. For they know, the moment we reach any summit, the definition of summit changes. The destination gets a new attribute, an end. Why should they live or die for an end?


The sheer beauty of just being there… close to it yet far. They shed the tears… not because they see an end, but because there is none… may be there never was one. The universe of folded thoughts, unspoken words, and actions that were never tainted with done. So pure that is…


Sometimes I wonder, if they chose the run, or the scars or the resurrection. It appears they just jumped… Somewhere along the path, the experience, the knowledge cradled them and they flowed together…