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Advice for us...

Do spare some time to read out this article. I found this article immensely inspiring. Here are some points i really liked. The duty of CS proffessional as Principal Scientist @ Adobe has expressed :

> As a CS Professional, you are morally obliged to do a good job. What > this means is that you are supposed to do your job not for your > manager but for yourself. This is already told in Bhagwatgeeta : Doing > duties of your life.

> The direct implication of this is: never ever write a bad code.

Seriously these few lines mean a lot, quoting the Bhagwad Gita in this context. Well the author has also explained the fact with the example that follows which teaches us to learn taking responsiblity and be serious :-)

> You should be habituated to studies…exactly in the same way as you are > habituated to brushing teeth and taking bath every morning. The habit > of study must become a part of your blood. And the study should be > from both the areas: CS, since it is your profession, and something > from non-CS…Something which does not relate to your work. This would > expand your knowledge in other field too. A regular study, everyday, > is extremely essential. It does not matter whether you study of 20 > minutes of 2 hours,but consistency is a must.

Studying not only adds to our knowledge but expands our vision..the way we see things...surely the ride onto the tOp needs hardwork and extensive studying. Lets try to follow these advice :-)

Thanks to sysop for this nice article !!