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Generator for visualstudio task extensions released

Happy to announce the release of a yeoman based generator for Visual Studio Team Services tasks and extensions. Here’s the screencast :)

Get it with

$ [sudo] npm install generator-vsts-task -g

It’s open source at github. As usual, your feedback is most welcome.

Enjoy customizing your builds and releases!

A dark firefox

You’ll love this if you’re a fan of dark themes, or you work on a dark terminal (vim-hybrid, eh?) and switch to firefox often. Still not convinced, checkout the yeoman avatar ;)

inverted yeoman

Here’s the before view:

gentle yeoman

First, get the devedition minimalist dark theme from firefox addons page. Let ...

This I

We smile often, and sometimes we shed tears. We run everywhere, beyond all those fears.

We create awesome things, and share the joy. We don’t explain, for there is no time to cry.

We get thrilled with beauty, and attempt to feel. We find them, go on a ride ...

Misguided metrics

Few months ago, I set myself a goal of number of words written every day; a quantifiable target for every day. Every day I miss the target, the debt increases for next day. There’s a punishment if the debt goes beyond a limit.

This got me into a nice ...

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