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Windows Live Mail...

Finally i got a chance to have the Windows Live experience…

All of this got started with an invitation to join the windows live messenger from a friend. Thanks Sarah :)

Well here are some of the screenshots of the windows live mail (step by step) :- 

Going past the agreement page, this screenshot shows the option for the user to choose the Interface.

And it has to be the New Windows Live Mail Experience ;)

These are some of the commin options which every email service provider offers. However there are some additions : You can choose your favourite colour and also you can choose the way the readings panes are placed !!

[![Free Image Hosting at](](

And then i was presented this nice user interface..Wanna mark a message junk..just drag it into the junk mail folder ;)

Drag n Drop is the “keyword”.


These are the right click options when the user clicks on any mail. These are simply cool. However the **Reply** takes you to a new mail compose interface, which may be attractive but can't beat the integrated **Reply** feature of GMail**.**

**Pros :**

- Drag drop features which make email organisation simpler. - Nice user interface and some options to customise looks.

**Cons :**

- You gotta use Microsoft Internet Explorer to use the windows live mail. This is what it says..
> **If you’re not using Internet Explorer 6.0:** Using Internet
> Explorer versions 6.0 and higher will give you the best Windows
> Live Mail user experience with access to all functionality such as
> the reading pane and keyboard shortcuts.  
> </p>
  • Well there are some ads..which i think one can easily get rid of using SpyBot S&D.

- I don't think they offer the POP3 features.

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