Let’s talk about perceptions

Posted on Sun 31 March 2019 in Philosophy, Technology • Tagged with lessons • 3 min read

There are two ways to define perception. First, knowledge of things obtained with our senses objectively …

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A purpose for the product

Posted on Sun 24 February 2019 in Technology • Tagged with lessons, business • 3 min read

There’s a constant tug of war between building a product with superior capabilities or one …

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On common nouns

Posted on Wed 31 October 2018 in Philosophy • Tagged with lessons • 2 min read

Dear Self,

Stop using common nouns to address people.

Let me clarify that for you. You …

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The right thing

Posted on Sun 01 April 2018 in Life • Tagged with lessons • 2 min read

It’s a long weekend here. Happy easter, dear readers! Also happens to be the end …

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