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Reverse Impressions

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This mind creates impressions based on impressions. If we like someone, their opinions and values form a part of our decision(or judgement) system. Mostly unconsciously1.

These impressions get invalidated as we begin to experience the reality. I observed this mind as a recent event turned a positive impression to a negative experience; primarily due to a few actions, against the set of principles this mind is used to.

I tried something different this time. Instead of strengthening the case for the mind, we questioned this mind, are there circumstances where you could have taken those actions? The acts we don’t respect. The acts against our principles.

Guess what, the same mind could actually defend the actions it disliked. Ah, those flaky impressions and equally weak conclusions!

Our minds and intellect are prompt to reach conclusions. While this habit helps decisions, it leads to incorrect conclusions which impede progress. Reverse brainstorming may help to shift focus from the conclusion (or fixing the conclusion) to finding the cause. What could have led the mind to reach a certain conclusion?

So far this method to be useful in creating a positive thought process. Just by getting into the shoes of the person we would attempt to judge otherwise, we may be able to see the unavoidable circumstances which forced an action we don’t approve of.


  1. In other words, the image formed in this mind comprised of our respect for a someone, and their respect of another party.