Inside Out


A short list of projects I’ve created or contributed to. All of these are on github.

Last updated: 24/02/2022, 21:16:37 +0530

Actively involved

Noted is a little tool to liberate your kindle and pdf annotations. It extracts the highlights and creates a beautiful markdown for long term journals. A feature I feel good about is the ability to group these annotations by the chapters in a book.

Mm is a command line companion to Money Manager Ex. It automates payee and category assignments for non-reconciled transactions. You can configure the rules via a simple yaml file. This project took a few weekends to develop since I struggled with console app patterns in .net. This lead to cliy.

Cliy is a template to rapidly bootstrap console apps in .net. It comes with a clean separation of concerns using my favorite hexagonal architecture. Although I tried to not use the names directly - say port or adapter. Included are opensource libraries with compile time dependency injection, a command line parsing and beautiful console graphics. Not to mention stylecop, trimming/single binary, CI/CD etc. :)

Habito is a command line app for tracking habits. There’re bunch of ideas to create a v2 of this with cliy. Watch out for more on this one!

Spekt is a collection of loggers for the dotnet test platform. It transforms the test results to nunit, xunit and junit formats for integration with continuous integration pipelines.

Vim config and Windows config are two productivity secrets in my toolkit. They are carefully curated for more than a decade now with customizations on how I use my favorite editor and make life easier on Windows. You’re welcome to peek around :)


VSTest and MSTest are some of the projects I miss. I was part of the team and played an architect/tech lead for these projects for several years as we took a closed source Visual Studio component and refactored it into an open source toolset. I’m proud of the extensibility model we built allowing bunch of IDEs in the dotnet ecosystem to use the test platform. This was an amazing team to be part of!

Gnome Pomodoro started a little extension with the new gnome-shell debut and javascript extensibility model. I maintained this for a few years before the current maintainer took over the reigns as I moved on from Gnome to Ratpoison, i3 and most recently Windows. This is probably my most popular contribution to the opensource community :)