Inside Out

Subjects and objects

September, 2019

It appears one of two things happen in our process of understanding. We get so much absorbed in certain attributes or outcomes that we lose…

As an interviewer

September, 2019

The highest order bit is ensuring that the interviewee has a great time for that hour. It means that the interviewer must be compassionate…

Simple wikipedia dataset

September, 2019

We are releasing a cleaned and labeled dataset for the english Simple Wikipedia at github. Every article is labeled with categories. The…

Like a tree

August, 2019

On one opinion proving the existence of another. When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some…

Patience and maturity

August, 2019

One activity I’m doing these days is consciously forming an opinion about product or strategy decisions irrespective of whether the…

Not so crazy infinite trees

August, 2019

We considered a problem with infinitely expandable trees in last post and discussed two challenges with some solutions. This post takes a…

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