Inside Out

An opinionated framework

April, 2020

We talk about ambiguity every so often. Ability to bring clarity enables great leaders to translate their vision to a concrete plan of…

How we work

November, 2019

I had an opportunity to kick-off a new feature crew at work. This appeared to be the perfect time to reflect a bit on my learnings working…

Great at craft

October, 2019

I came across this nugget while reading a bit about photography and art. It is so much tempting to replace photography with programming. Is…

Tactical steps

October, 2019

We tried to frame some of the obstacles to longer term thinking on resourcing in the last post. Architectural thinking is one of the those…

Fixing resourcing

October, 2019

We talked about getting help in the last post. The challenge is with lack of resources for funding critical long term projects. Let’s break…

On resourcing and engagement

September, 2019

Getting help is top of mind for me this week. As an architect, we juggle with several things. Current state of the product, the consumer’s…

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