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Installing Java Runtime support in suse

Here is a small howto regarding installing JRE 1.5 in suse box :-)

1. Get the latest java release from the

Sun Java Website 2. There are several options of downloading...i downloaded the .rpm file.

In the terminal go into the superuser mode with su -

Then go to the directory in whcih the jre\*.bin file is present.

Type in the terminal chmod a+x jre\*.bin (this command makes the
file executable)

Now type ./jre\*.bin

3. This should start the extraction and after the extraction is over.? There should be a jre*.rpm file in the current working folder. Install the rpm using : rpm -Uv jre*.rpm 4. Setting up firefox and flock to use the java plugin…

Navigate to the firefox plugins folder in terminal using : cd

Then type : ln -s

For flock : Navigate to the flock plugins my case it was
cd /opt/flock/plugins/

Then again type : ln -s

5. Restart the browsers and check if java is installed here or visit any java applet webpage :-)

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