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Flock:Change Location bar search option

The flock location bar integrates a default search behaviour as when something is typed in to it without the http://,www,com etc words it takes up the string as a keyword and performs a google search and you are being showed the “I am feeling lucky ” webpage, i.e, The webpages which shows is the first webpage which comes in the google search result.

Here is how can you change the default behaviour to show all the google search results :

1. Type **about:config** in the location bar. 2. Then type in **keyword** in the filter box...that would bring up a option "**keyword.URL**". 3. Now double click the option to change the value of the the box that pops up type in "****" 4. You are done !!

Just type in some words in the location bar and press the go will be showed up with google search results for that string..

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