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Create Shortcut to any Location in Run

This article helps if you have your data in a a very remote place (may be a hidden place) and you want to access it regularly so its a big pain to go through the several level of folders and get the required data…

> I store my really private data in a location such as : > >

> C:\\Windows\\system32\\x\\y\\z\\my\_data > >

> The more are the levels of folders the more secure we feel and the > more is the pain in opening these files :(

Ok i think that much background will provide us a need to find a way to open such remote *private* locations easily :P

Here is how to proceed ::

- Go into the **C:\\WINDOWS** folder and right click **explorer.exe** and then **Create Shortcut**.. - There would be new shortcut to the explorer.exe created..with the name **Shortcut to explorer.exe** Change the name to any short name you want (don't choose reserved names like iexplore, calc etc.) - Next right click and go to the **Properties** and then change the **Target** to a string as shown in the figure..![](
Replace the **C:\\some folder** with the location you want to
navigate with this shortcut command.

Well there are several arguments for the **Explorer.exe** Here is a
list of the arguments with the descriptions...

**Explorer** [**/n**][**/e**][,**/root**,(object)][[,/select],(sub


/n</strong> opens a new single-paned window.


/e</strong> opens Explorer in the standard view at the current


/root,(object)</strong> opens at the specified root level.


/Select, Folder</strong> tells Explorer which folder gets the focus.


/select,(filename)</strong> tells Explorer which file gets the
  • Now its time to test what we did. Fire the Run dialogue and type in the shortcut name (in my case its AnyThing or anything that is case independent ;) )

I have tried this method in Win Xp Pro SP2. It should work in other versions of XP and may be older versions of windows. If you try in any other versions of buzz me your experience :)

If you wanna learn how to launch any application from the Run the article [here](

Well finally thanks to [John Savill]( for [this]( article

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